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July 27, 2017

How to Rock Your About Page

Your about page should and will be one of your most viewed pages on your website. Visitors will go there first when trying to figure out what you are all about, and what your blog can offer them. Here are my tips for rocking your about page.

Keep it Conversational

You want your about page to be light, fun and interesting for people to read. Write in the first person, so people can connect with you. Give them an insight into what your life looks like, why you created this blog or website, and what you have to offer them.

Highlight the Benefits

Many times, people head to your about page because they want to see how you can help them, and what benefits your website or blog will provide for them. Use this opportunity to make them see exactly what you’ll provide for them. What services does your blog offer? What do you write about on your blog? More specifically, what do you provide for free? You have to provide evergreen content before people will buy anything from you.

Tell Your Story

How did you get into blogging? How did you come to create your business? Creating a personal connection with your readers and future customers is a great way to rock your about page. Tell them your personal story, and reveal important details about yourself. Make your readers feel like friends.


Have an email opt in? Have it on your about page. Show your readers where they can find you outside your website, like on social media. Also, include images. As always, you want these to be high quality, beautiful images that fit your blog’s aesthetic.

Thanks for reading!