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How to Use Trello to Manage Your Special Blogging Projects

How to Use Trello to Manage Your Special Blogging Projects

I’m an organizing obsessed freak, so I’ve pretty much tried every online organizing tool that exists. I currently use Asana for my overall task management, but I use Trello to organize my special projects, like courses, e-books, etc. Today I wanted to share with you all the system I use to organize all of my special blogging projects.

Create a Board for Each Type

First, create a board for each type of special project. You could have an E-book board, a course book, an email course board, etc. I personally actually just have a board for each of the blogs I run, rather than the types because I find that easier to stay organized, but if you only run one blog it’s a good idea to create a board for each type.


Create a List of Each Project

Then, inside each board, I create a separate list for each project. In the title, I include its name and the launch date so I can easily see when things are launching at a glance.

Create a Card for Each Section

Next, within each list, I create a card for each chapter, module or section of the project. For example, for an ebook, I’d have a card for each chapter, with its name. Then I outline within each card what needs to be done for that section. For an ebook, I’d have outlining and writing each chapter, editing each chapter, and then formatting it and adding relevant images. I add due dates here as well.

Create Cards for the Launch Content

Lastly, I create cards that cover the relevant launch content. I usually have a miscellaneous card that has a to-do list for random tasks. I then usually have cards that cover social media content, email content and anything else relevant to the launch. I add due dates to each of those cards and their to-do lists as well.

What do you use for special project management?

Thanks for reading!


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