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How to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Blog

How to Use Google Analytics to Grow Your Blog

Google Analytics is probably the most popular analytics software out there. It’s free, easy to use and owned by a company we all know. When I first started blogging, I loved looking at analytics to see my page views growing. Now, I’ve learned some different tips and tricks on growing my blog by using google analytics!

Check Out Your Aquisition

Take a look where your audience is coming from. Are they coming from google searches? What are they searching most often? What social media networks are they clicking through from? Use this information to pour your valuable time into the right platforms. If you’re spending hours a week on StumbleUpon and only 1% of your traffic is coming from there, maybe it’s time to look at some other ways you could be spending your time.

Set Up a Goal

I’ll go through the exact steps in a separate post of how to set up an exact goal in google analytics, but for now, let me tell you why you should. Set up a goal to track your conversions. Say you track someone all the way through from your blog page to your opt in. What steps do they take? What percentage of people end up signing up for the opt in from your blog page? Do some opt ins work better than others?

Top Posts

Check out your top posts. What category are they in? What are they about? Start to think about ways to branch off from these top posts. Can you go back through and add in an email opt-in? Can you write a mini guide or e-book and put it up for sale on that blogpost? Using a page that’s already gaining traction is a fantastic way to get more readers & more money.

Track Behavior

This is something (I think) is new, because I’ve never messed around with it before. From behavior on the left hand side, you can click track or follow behavior, and it will show you the common paths that people take through your website. If you’re a blogger, it’s the unfortunate truth that most people won’t bounce to another page on your blog. But,  if they do, where are they going? What pages tend to appeal to your audience? Condense unnecessary pages, as they are just taking up precious viewing area.

Thanks for reading!

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