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How to Batch Blog Tasks to Grow Your Blog

How to Batch Blog Tasks to Grow Your Blog

A huge problem most beginning bloggers have is that they don’t have enough time to dedicate to their blog. Most of us work full-time and maybe even have a family. Add an entire ‘hobby’ that people actually use as a profession and you’re beyond busy. That’s where batching blog tasks enters. Let’s see how to batch blog tasks.

What is Task Batching?

Task batching involves setting aside blocks of time to work on one task over and over. For example, you may write blog posts one day, edit images the next day, and schedule them the third day. You can do this with literally any task related to your blog – like scheduling social media, creating a product, working with clients and more.

How to Task Batch

Time Yourself

The first step in beginning your task batching journey is to time how long it takes you to complete each task you want to batch, then average it. For example, let’s say I wanted to batch write blog posts. So I time myself to see how long it takes to write a post. I’ve already outlined the post so it’s just writing, and post one took 30 minutes, post two took 24 minutes and post three took 22 minutes. The average would be around 25 minutes per post.

Decide on Time Blocks

After you have an average, decide how many you want to complete in one single session. I write half my blog posts at the beginning of the month and the other half in the middle of the month, so around four each. I would block out 100 minutes, or around an hour and a half, for each session.

Get Out Your Calendar

Once you know how long it’ll take you, get out your paper or physical calendar and start filling in times for task batching. Don’t plan every minute of your day, though, and leave room for the occasional post or image that takes a little longer to create.

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