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How I Plan Quarters at a Time – & Why You Should Too

How I Plan Quarters at a Time – & Why You Should Too

Some of my favorite days each year are the days I sit down to plan the next quarter. I absolutely love to plan quarters by quarters. I usually will look at the upcoming year in January and map out how I want the year to go, but my quarterly planning sessions in December, March, June, and September are when I really sit down and map everything out, from blog posts to tweets to Instagram stories to e-book and course releases.


Planning quarters at a time gives you the ability to actually plan for big projects like courses without flying by the seat of your pants. I used to plan monthly, but I felt like I was still behind and unsure of what the upcoming month held for me. Planning by quarters takes just one or two days in the month before the quarter begins. It allows you to plan around big events in your personal life, like vacations or other needed time off and allows you to focus on just those upcoming months.


From beginning to end, here’s what my quarterly planning sessions tend to look like. I really do love to plan quarters.

Step 1

First I gather all of my materials. This usually includes opening up OneNote, Asana & Trello on my computer. I use all three in conjunction with each other, but for different things. I’ll go into more detail about that one day soon. I also gather my paper materials, like pens, highlighters and my various journals and planners.

Step 2

The first thing I input into my various calendar’s are personal things, like trips, big events and social events I already know are happening. Putting these in first helps me avoid planning a launch on the day I leave for a trip to Mexico.

Step 3

The next thing I focus on is big business-related events. I have various courses and e-books I want to release in this upcoming year. I’ve already mapped out their yearly plan when I planned in January, so this focus is the in-depth schedule for the next three months. Other than blog post & video planning, this takes up a majority of the time.

Step 4

Next, I add in blog posts for the next three months. I post twice weekly on Angelic Abbie and once weekly on Naturally Angelic, so that means I need around 24 blog post ideas for Angelic Abbie, and 12 for Naturally Angelic. I simply come up with a title and jot down any relevant information, but I don’t work on outlining those posts until the week or two before I write them.

Step 5

Next, I add my video schedule. I try to post videos on Angelic Abbie twice a week and Angelic Sims three times per week. Angelic Sims videos are easy to plan since they are just episodes of series I’ve already started, but I need 24 different video ideas for Angelic Abbie. Blog post and video planning take up at least a solid four or five hours of brainstorming.

Step 6

Next, I brainstorm email list content. This is something that I’m working on for next quarter since I took a little break from my email list these past few months. All of my various networks need email content, but since it’s shorter and easier to write, this takes less time than blog posts or videos.

Step 7

Lastly, I brainstorm social media ideas. I like to share interesting stuff on my Instagram stories, as well as on Instagram itself, on Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr. I add in my to-do list for social media stuff and then I have officially planned out my quarter!

These are a lot of steps, but they seem to come naturally to me since I am such a planner-oriented person. I love planners, whether they be online or physical. If you want to learn more about each of the devices/planners I use, let me know and I’d be happy to do some posts on those!

Thanks for reading!



How & Why I Plan Quarters at a Time - & Why You Should Too | Planning ahead in your business is key to it's growth. Learn how to plan by quarters. How & Why I Plan Quarters at a Time - & Why You Should Too | Planning ahead in your business is key to it's growth. Learn how to plan by quarters.
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