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May 17, 2017

How to Join Pinterest Group Boards to Grow Your Readers

Pinterest Group Boards are a fairly recent obsession of mine, and are something that I don’t think I could live without now! They are seriously a great way to meet other people, introduce new people to your content, and just in general grow your blog. Let’s check out my favorite ways to join Pinterest group boards.

How to Find Pinterest Group Boards


PinGroupie is probably the most popular directory for Pinterest group boards. They have categories for pretty much anything you can imagine. I like to find the group boards with high followers but low contributors. These can be harder to join, but the benefits you’ll reap are much higher than if you join one with low followers but high contributors. Even if you can only find ones with high followers and high contributors, those will be better to join as well.

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups are something that I’ve come across fairly recently in my trek to grow my blog and online presence as well, and I’m hooked. They seriously are fantastic resources for growing your blog. But, we’ll talk about Facebook groups in another post. Many times, Facebook groups have posts dedicated to people wanting other’s to join their Pinterest group boards. Lots of times, these are newer group boards, but Facebook groups have a serious way of growing things like weeds, so joining smaller ones now will certainly reap benefits over time.

Search Pinterest

I love finding new boards to follow, whether they are group boards or regular boards. I’m obsessed with finding new content and new things to pique my interest. On your daily, weekly or monthly search, see if any of the boards that pop up are group boards.

How to Join Boards

Once you’ve found the group board, now you are tasked with actually joining it. I would say 90% of the time, it’s a fairly painless and easy process. If a group isn’t accepting new members, it will almost always say that in the description. Most of the time as well, there’s directions on how to join, such as ‘follow us, and then email ____’. Sometimes, though, it’s more difficult. If there are no directions, but you still really want to join that board, I suggest finding whoever is the owner, and then going on a bit of a stalking mission. Sometimes he/she will have their email in their profile description, but other times you’ll have to head to their blog or website to locate their email. Sometimes, they don’t even have it there! In this case, I resort to either 1) not joining the group or 2) contacting them via social media such as Twitter or Instagram.

How do you like Pinterest group boards?

Thanks for reading!

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