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5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

5 Ways to Grow Your Email List

Welcome back! Today I’m sharing my favorite ways to grow my email list. I’ve grown my email list fairly steadily over the past year, but since offering opt-ins all over my site as well as “content upgrades” my email list has grown significantly. Let’s see ways to grow your email list.

Offer Opt-Ins Everywhere

Offer opt-ins all over your site. I offer an opt in at the very top of my website, as well as throughout any post that mentions my main opt in, a branding workbook. I also have a “hello bar” at the top of my website as well.

Offering your opt-in in multiple places makes sure that any user on your site will come across it at some point. This means they don’t have to be on a certain page in order to see your opt in.

Create Opt Ins for Specific Posts

This is called content upgrades. If you write a post on creating a certain recipe, make that recipe beautiful and printable! Then, require them to give you their email address before they can get the opt-in. Some people will of course subscribe to get the freebie and then unsubscribe, but it’s unlikely. I’ll be creating an entire post on specific content upgrades that you can do.

Post Your Opt in All Over Social Media

Make your opt in accessible to everyone! Put a link in your instagram bio, tweet it regularly, and make sure people know just how great the opt-in is!

Go to and make a short link. You can even customize it. Mine’s currently It’s completely free to make that link customized, and it will help with brand recognition and remembrance for your readers!

If possible, create a landing page. This can be done on both squarespace and wordpress, and I’ll show you how in an upcoming blogpost. Create a beautiful page that’s only purpose is getting people to sign up for your website.

Run a Giveaway or Host a Webinar

This is kind of like an opt-in but it’s a little more intensive than just creating a product and letting your opt-in run itself.

To run a giveaway, find something your readers might be interested in, then require their email address for entrance into the giveaway. You can giveaway literally anything related to your niche, even a free product from you!

To run a webinar, announce it everywhere, create a landing page, and promote that puppy like crazy. Then, require email addresses to ‘reserve’ their spot for the webinar. I’ll be writing a post about creating and promoting a webinar, after my first one later this month. (PSSST enter your email below to grab your spot!)

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Host Live Events

Use free tools like Facebook Live, Periscope and Snapchat to give quick, five minute tips, then mention your email list! People LOVE free stuff, so providing a free quick tip (where people don’t HAVE to tune in, they can watch the replay at any time) and then mentioning where they can get MORE free stuff is a great tool.

Thanks for reading these ways to grow your email list!


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