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January 17, 2017

How to Use Snapchat to Grow Your Blog

Snapchat is a fairly new social media tool in the grand scheme of things. But, it can be an extremely useful one, because it gives readers an inside look into a bloggers life. I love using snapchat (or even Instagram stories) to show behind the scenes of what a day in your life looks like. Let’s see how to use snapchat to grow your blog.

How to Grow Your Blog

Peek Into Your Life

Show snapchats from your daily life. Headed to a meeting? Snapchat. Watching TV? Snapchat. Drinking coffee? Snapchat. Sharing little bits of what makes your life ‘normal’ is great for your business. People love to see inside peeks at your life and all the things you do throughout your day.

Post When you Post Something New

Share on snapchat when you post a new blogpost and encourage readers to go read it and leave a comment. If you get excited for your blogpost, your readers will too.

Provide Exclusive Content

The main reason anyone follows anyone on social media is because they provide content they’re interested in. Create a series of 10 second long videos on your topic, one that hasn’t been covered, or hasn’t been covered as in depth, so that the friends on your snapchat are getting exclusive information.

Host Launches

When you’re excited about something big that’s happening, share it on snapchat! Create snaps featuring pictures of the new content or videos of sneak peeks. Get people as excited as you are.

Provide Sneak Peeks of Content

Speaking of sneak peeks, giving your readers an inside look at a post, or product is a great idea to get readers excited and allow them to feel like they are VIPs.

How to Grow Your Snapchat

Link to It

Post your snapchat username on all sorts of social media. Have it in your twitter and instagram bios, have it in your social media links on your blog, and post it occasionally on twitter.


Encourage your readers in a blogpost to follow you on snapchat for more information on xyz. This will give your readers a specific reason to add you, and 9 times out of 10 they will continue to follow you after they get the new information.

Thanks for reading!

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