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How to Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog

Today I wanted to share an indepth ultimate guide to starting a blog. This is a question I get asked often, and most people don’t realize just how easy it is to start a blog. I’m going to be teaching you the ins and outs of beginning with a blog on both Squarespace and WordPress. Here’s how to start a blog.

The Pre-work

Deciding on a Niche

A niche is basically what your blog is going to be about. To start off, you want to select something that you’re both passionate about, and has value. Almost anything you have an interest in can be made to be valuable for people around you. You also want to think about whether or not you’ll be able to consistently think of posts for that topic.

Sit down and write down as many things that you’re interested as you can in ten minutes. Then, write down blogpost headlines for all those topics for ten minutes. Whichever one spawns the most headlines is the niche you should choose.

Your Web Design

Do you want to DIY this, or go professional? If you choose to DIY, you’re either going to need to do some research into how to DIY your web design or how you’re going to purchase one and edit it. To do the professional route, do some research and find designers in your niche and price range. If you’re looking for an affordable squarespace designer, check out my website.


You can either hire a designer for this aspect as well, or you can attempt to DIY it. My suggestion for branding is to leave it to the experts. But, if you want to get some of the pre-work out of the way, you can download my branding worksheet below and help define your brand. Even though this is just a blog, you’ll want to have a brand.

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The Set Up

Choose a Host

Choosing a host for your blog can be a hard decision. I’m going to go into detail about Squarespace vs. WordPress at some point, but those are the two biggest platforms I recommend. Squarespace is easier design wise, and is an an all inclusive thing, meaning you don’t have to set up hosting. WordPress has a lot of┬ácustomization options, and is a platform used by a ton of people.

Setting Up Your Site on Squarespace

Signing up for Squarespace is pretty straight forward. You select a username and password. You can then register a domain, and select a theme, all through Squarespace. Then, you can customize that theme to your heart’s content, and if you have any CSS or HTML knowledge, you can customize it even further. Squarespace employs an awesome drag and drop system that makes things super easy.

I’m going to be hosting a webinar at some point to teach you all how to set up your site on Squarespace, so make sure you are signed up for my newsletter & following me on social media so you don’t miss that!

Setting Up Your Site on WordPress

I’m hosting a WordPress Course, called the Easiest Way to Create a Blog Using WordPress. I’ll be going into extreme detail on setting up a site on WordPress, but today I’ll give you a run down on how to use it.

To begin, choose your hosting platform. I recommend Bluehost, because it’s inexpensive and extremely easy to use. You can even register your domain from directly in Bluehost, or link one if you’ve purchased from a different domain registrar.

Then, you’re going to want to install WordPress, which is very simple to do on Bluehost. You’ll go into the cPanel, and install wordpress. It’s that simple. Then you just head to to sign into WordPress and create your first post!

To find themes, I recommend searching on Etsy or StudioPress. Creative Market also has some awesome themes. Etsy and Creative Market have themes for every budget, whereas StudioPress themes are a little more pricey, but are usually worth the extra cost.

Thanks for reading!

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