Best Accounting Programs for Entrepreneurs

As I get more serious about my business & work, I’ve needed to invest in an accounting program. Unfortunately, my Excel spreadsheets and written income reports just weren’t cutting it when it came time for taxes this year. Here are my picks for the best accounting programs for entrepreneurs. Quickbooks Self Employed This is the […]

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Why I Chose 1&1 as My Hosting Company

Today I wanted to share why I chose 1&1 as my hosting company for my various websites. It’s an affordable and awesome option for hosting. Cost 1&1 has a low monthly cost for unlimited websites. Since I run many blogs and offer hosting as an option on my Create Design Blog site, I needed a […]

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10 Things Every Blog Post Needs

I’ve recently revamped my workflow for writing and publishing blog posts, videos, emails, social media, the whole nine yards. I’m working hard to create content that people love and need to read, and I thought I’d share with you the 10 things I always try and include in my blog posts. 10 Things Every Blog […]

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