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Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018

Best Free WordPress Plugins 2018

Today I wanted to talk about the best free WordPress plugins 2018. I consistently research and experiment with various plugins, and these are my favorites.

Click to Tweet

Click to Tweet is a super fun plugin that allows you to insert tweets like the one below, so people can simply click them and a pop-up will appear with a pre-filled tweet for them to tweet. Use these with a call to action, insightful quotes and always include a link back to the post!

Adding click to tweet is a super easy way to create call to actions and increase engagement! Click To Tweet


Disqus is my favorite commenting platform. It does a great job of preventing spam, is free and allows people to use the same account across various websites.


Elementor is a page building website that all of my websites are built with. It’s versatile, easy to use and completely customizable. Plus, there are tons of free and paid elementor add-ons, but the basic version is completely free.

jQuery Pin it Button

This plugin allows you to insert your own custom image as a pin it button, set its location and more…..all for free.


SumoMe is the best platform for creating free, customized email opt-in offers. They have even more templates and options once you upgrade, but their free plan is pretty dang hefty.

Yoast SEO

If you want to ensure each of your blog posts has the best SEO possible, Yoast is a much. It allows you to set a focus keyword and it automatically checks it against various google search parameters and then will give you a score and improvement ideas.


Although many of its add-ons and features are paid, it’s basic ability to sell products is completely free. If you’ve always dreamt of building an online shop, this is a pretty affordable option.

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